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20 Things You Should Never Say to a Graphic Designer – But Probably Do

By 21 September 2015February 3rd, 2023No Comments
Things You Should Never Say to a Graphic Designer

Design in the workplace can be hard. We know, because we asked.

Recently, we’ve been speaking to a number of different businesses about the challenges they face in their workplace. We’re going to be sharing these with you over the next couple of weeks, but we wanted to start with one of the most colorful topics we covered: communication between designers and departments or clients.

Believe me, we get it. Graphic designers can be hard to communicate with.

They have their design jargon and special software — and you might have no idea what it all means or how it all works. So if you work with designers, it helps to ask the right kind of questions that will move your project along and create a final product that everyone will be happy with — rather than questions that bring the project to a crashing halt with incorrect assumptions about the design process.

What might those be? Check out these 20 examples of questions that designers wish they didn’t hear. It’s the first taste of some awesome plans we have in the pipeline to make design in the workplace amazingly simple.