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Project Placed’ mission is to help job seekers across Australia by providing them with access to the tools, resources and skilled professional advice they need to not only survive job loss – but to thrive. They aim to arm job seekers with support, a sense of optimism, and the self-confidence they need to seek out new opportunities so that they can better cope with the current environment and thrive in the future.

The Problem

Originally called Project Displaced, and after extensive market research and validation, it was clear that the organisation had to rebrand to Project Placed in order to project a more positive image.

As part of the rebrand, Project Placed wanted a new website that reflected their new look but also allowed them to manage the website easily.

Following the initial discovery and planning stages, we presented Project Placed with a prototype which not only they, but also their users immediately fell in love with!.

The Solution

Through the new and improved website, Project Placed staff are able to easily manage the content, manage bookings and webinars.

There was also an immediate jump in site visitors along with professionals who wanting to get involved and offer their time to help those in need.

The solution we developed continues to receive positive feedback and it’s been instrumental in the growth of Project Placed as both a professional and a non-profit organisation.


Project Placed


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